Kohl’s $50 Gift Card for $42.50 + Other Gift Card Deals

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Upate:  Kohl’s cards are sold out again already, but there are others available!

One great way to save on your back to school shopping (or any shopping or dining out for that matter) is to pick up gift cards from Plastic Jungle.  They offer gift cards at discounts – sometimes 15% off or more!  One they never have in  stock that often is Kohl’s.  You can pick up a $50 card right now for just $42.50.  When you combine that with coupons (which are very frequent), you are really stretching your dollars!

They have other gift cards available, which include:

This site not only allows you to buy gift cards, but you can sell them as well.  If you happen to get a card that you know you can not use, you can sell it and make a few dollars for yourself!  Head to Plastic Jungle to take a look around.