LeapPad Ultra Coming Soon (Can Pre-Order Now)

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leappad ultra2

LeapFrog has a new product hitting store shelves soon called the LeapPad Ultra.  This new table includes WiFi access (using a kid safe browser to protect them when online), more than 800 games and apps and still built kid tough!

You can pre-order yours right now for $149.99.  When it comes to toys like this for the holidays, they will NOT be on sale.  They just won’t.  What will happen is that they may run out of stock because so many want one.  That’s why I share this now.  You can go ahead and order one so that come December, when they are out of stock, you will not have to worry that you didn’t get one for your child.

If you are hoping to get one of these for the holidays, now would be a great time to place your order to ensure you get one! Order a LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra.