Let Tombstone Pizza Help With Your Utility Bill

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Tombstone has a pretty cool offer going on right now. If you purchase pizzas, you can get up to $15.00 off of a future utility bill!

* Purchase 7 – 12″ pizzas and get a $5.00 credit
* Purchase 12 – 12″ pizzas and get a $10.00 credit
* Purchase 17 – 12″ pizzas and get a $15.00 credit

You simply have to mail in this completed offer form, the UPCs from each pizza and a copy of the utility bill you wish to have credited — all to the address on the form. No need to include any receipt, so you can actually accumulate your UPCs and hit that $15.00 level.

All requests must be received no later than February 1, 2010, so you have a while to enjoy your pizza and save up for that $15.00 credit!

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