Libby’s Canned Food Drive: Let’s Help America’s Hungry!

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One thing that I think is important, no matter where you live, is to give back to those less fortunate.  In fact, in today’s economy, even MORE families are in need of help.  Libby’s believes in this as well and they have a great initiative called Feeding America.  They are working to raise money to help families across the country.  Just $5 will feed 35 families.  Plus, Libby’s is going to match the amount raised, dollar for dollar up to $40,000.   Do the math – if they hit their goal, they will be able to provide 560,000 meals – WOW!!

Here’s how you can help!  You can actually join me on team Penny Pinchin’ Mom!  My goal is to raise $500 to join in this initiative.  I have not yet made my contribution, as I will match $0.50 on the dollar for every dollar raised by all of you (up to $100 donation).   Please head over here to the Penny Pinchin’ Mom Feeding America page where you can learn more and make your own contribution to help such a great cause!

I already know that you, my readers, will easily help me meet (and surpass) this goal ….. and for those of you who can not afford to donate right now as you are on the receiving end, pay it forward instead by doing a kind act for someone else.  It isn’t always financial assistance that matters – sometime it is as simple as a smile or holding a door open to make some one’s day.