Lowe’s Black Friday Sneak Peek: 5,000 90% off Coupons Starting at 11:01 p.m. CST

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OK – this is a deal that I just had to share.  Starting in a few hours (11:01 p.m. CST to be exact), Lowe’s is going to be giving out 5,000 90% off coupons for various products.  One of them will be for a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for less than $20.00!  Yes – $20.00!!  Now, not everyone will get one of these, but be sure to bookmark their site and be ready to jump when the clock strikes.  If you get one, come back here and let me know!  If you miss out on one of these amazing deals, you might still be one of the lucky 20,000 who will get a 20% off coupon instead.

UPDATE:  So, I have learned more!  When the event kicks off, they will release a code for a SPECIFIC PRODUCT.   You will then need to go on-line and purchase the product – inputting the code.  The kicker is, that the first 100 people (or whatever number they advise) who finalize their purchases, will actually GET 90 % off.  So, you will need to watch the total you spend before you hit submit.   If your final total isn’t 90% off, cancel the order — if it is – get in on this incredible offer!  Now, if you happen to accidentally purchase something, you can return it in the store for a full refund.  Don’t forget to select in-store pickup so that you avoid shipping charges regardless!  (Thanks Saving with Shellie!)

Thanks My Frugal Adventures!