MacBook Air, iPad and Notebook Covers As Low As $8.99 Shipped & Donate to Toys for Tots or Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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Tanga has another hot sale running! This time, you can order MacBook Air, iPad or Notebook covers for as little a $8.99 shipped (but none are priced more than $16.99).  These are discounted as much as 75% off of retail!  These are the perfect stocking stuffer or companion for that electronic you might have purchased already.  This sale runs for the next 32 hours (or until the sell out).  Hurry on over to Tanga and check out the deals!

There is another deal running that takes on deep personal meaning for me.  They have a deal running where you can easily pay it forward to a charitable organization – Toys for Tots or Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.   Tanga is going to match all of the donations raised up to $10,000!  You just need to purchase your donation (in $5 increments) and they will match it!

Now, I said that this had personal meaning to me.  My sister passed away a little over 8 years ago – November 11, 2004 to be exact – from Cystic Fibrosis.  She was 29.   I loved her so much and miss her more than words can say.  What amazed me most about my sister was her spirit.  She wanted more than anything to be an aunt.  She held on for just that.  You see, my daughter was born on September 13, 2004.  On October 31, 2004, my sister (who was horribly sick and in pain), stood up proudly in our church as our daughter’s Goddaughter and was witness to her baptism.  She passed away 10 days later.  I truly believe that she (with the Lord’s help), held on to be a part of that special day in our daughter’s life.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference.  Just $5.  That is skipping Starbucks one day.  I would love to see Tanga send a check to them for $20,000 – that would be the most amazing gift for that foundation.  If you have a minute and could donate, I really encourage you to do so.  If not to Tanga, to some other organization.  They all need help and I figure if I can afford a holiday for my kids, there is no reason I can’t afford to give someone else money too.  Pennies all add up!


  1. Keri Lyn says

    Tracie, I love that photo of your sister and your daughter, so special, and what a blessing that they got to meet!!