Mega Swagbucks Friday + Special Offer Bonus

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As I normally do on Friday morning, I don’t want anyone to forget that it is Mega Swagbucks Friday!  You can sometimes earn bonus points for doing things you normally do such as searches.  Don’t forget that you can refer your family or friends with your link, you can get points when they get points too!   Head on over to  Swagbucks and see if you can’t get some points today!

Not only can you earn bonus points today, you can also even earn 20% additional points when you complete any qualified Special Offer (Ad Rewards, Gambit, Trialpay (Offers & Daily Deals), RadiumOne, Paymentwall, Super Rewards, Peanut Labs (Surveys & Offers) and Sponsorpay).    What is geat about these offers is that they are a fantastic way to earn points with little to no obligation.  So definitely check them out as well.

Not sure what Swagbucks is all about? Catch up by reading up on Swagbucks 101.


  1. Patricia Rydzewski says

    Hi- Thanks for a great website. You truly help my family save money. I love your posts! I have a few questions. One is in regards to swagbucks. I am thinking about getting the $5 gift card for amazon. Have you done that, and what type of things have your purchased on amazon? Also, I noticed the different advertisments that you have on your blog. Do you get paid from the different advertisers when people visit your blog? How did you get in touch with the different advertisers? Let me know. Thanks- Patty