Menu Plan Saturday: 11/18 – 11/24

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I have to admit that the one thing that I struggle with every week as a mom  is figuring out WHAT in the world we will have to eat.  Once I started doing a written menu plan, it started to get easier for me to do.  Not only that, it really helps with planning my shopping trip and has saved me money.  I don’t just toss stuff into my shopping cart aimlessly and get home still not sure what to feed my family.

Below you will find our weekly menu plan.  You can actually do this yourself and download/print your forms: Weekly Menu Planner and Weekly Shopping List to help you figure out what in the world to eat.  One fun feature each week is a special menu put together for my readers from The Moms Resource.  She calls her recipes Penny Pinchin’ Picks!

My recipes are simple.  I am a busy mom and just don’t have the time to plan elaborate dinners.  They work for my family and are based upon what I’ve got available in my freezer and pantry.   While I don’t figure that you will want to follow this plan perfectly, it might just give you an idea or two for your own weekly planner.


Breakfast daily:  Waffles or pancakes

Sunday:  Grilled pork chops, rice, broccoli
Monday:  Cream Chicken Enchiladas
Tuesday:   Breakfast Pizza
Wednesday:  Lasange, salad, french bread
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday:  Dine Out