More Free Glasses from Costal Contacts

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Today at 12 pm CST, Costal Contacts is going to be giving away free glasses to people who live in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraka and Missouri.   However, there are other offers coming up soon for other states.   Here’s how to get yours:

  • Head to Costal Contacts on Facebook  and click on FREE GLASSES.
  • Select the State you live in from the list.
  • Your code will be generated when you click the link.
  • Go to at noon CST on the day of the event and get your free glasses!

For today’s offer, there were still about 1100 codes when I was on their site a few minutes ago.  So make sure that you hurry to get your code so you don’t miss out on this great freebie!

Thanks, Laura!


  1. Hannah says

    I rocked this coupon code and only paid shipping hand handling for a pair of glasses! Can’t beat that when they usually cost about $200.00!