More Issues with Snapfish

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First we had the dogleash fiasco. Well, I’m sad to report that it looks like we will have the same thing now happening with the coasters. It really saddens me that we can’t trust these companies to do what they promise and actually follow through. Once again, if you have been affected by either situation, here are your options:

1. Demand an substitute item of equal value. You can log into your account and use the Live Chat feature. Let them know that you expect something valued at $19.99 PLUS free shipping. A few people have had luck with this and have found the credit immediately in their account.

2. Take your mug and enjoy your favorite warm beverage.

3. Do nothing and hope the next deal works better.

I am actually taking steps to confirm the state in which they do business and will be reporting them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for using such tactics. I can’t apologize for them and won’t as I don’t agree with what they did and will not stick up for them.

What I am sorry for is the fact that we all fell into this trap and are now suffering from the fallout. As I have said before, as a blogger, I work hard to verify and confirm deals. I have NEVER had issues with this company in the past and was shocked with the first issue. Now, I am just ticked that they are doing this to consumers, such as yourselves.

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