More New Blockbuster Rental Codes!

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Blockbuster released several more new freebie rental codes. You can use these on the $1 movie rentals.

  • 29BRAB6 (exp. 8/22)
  • 22JEAH4 (exp. 8/22)
  • 58PPLA7 (exp. 8/22)
  • 96PBCG3 (exp. 8/26)
  • 43SGJC5 (exp. 8/26)
  • 99BRAB3 (exp. 8/26)
  • 85JEAH2 (exp. 8/26)
  • 67PPLA6 (exp. 8/26)
  • 56TTDR2 (exp. 8/26)
These can be used at any Blockbuster Express Rental Kiosk.


  1. Billi Sue says

    Can you use more then one code at a time…..or can you split them up in different transactions….or is it one code per credit card?

  2. Andrea says

    Billi Sue – I rent one movie at a time because I think it only allows one code per transaction, but I have gotten as many as 4 movies in one trip (just multiple transactions). I used the last 7 codes in 2 days with no problem!

    Vida – Use your own zip that is attached to your credit card, it’s a security check (similar to at many gas pumps.)

    I got another coupon code in my inbox this morning, too –
    First night on us on a Steve Carell movie
    Use Promo Code: CARELL
    Expires Midnight 8/26/2011