Mother’s Day Doesn’t Have To Cost Money

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Mother’s Day is just a few days away.  For me, the day is not about expensive gifts, it is about being with my family and just being appreciated for everything I do all year long.  In fact, I don’t want my family to spend lots of money on me – I’d rather they do something from the heart.  Here are some great ideas for Mom this year:

Coupon Book: My sister and I use to make these for my mom when we were growing up.  They were not really “books” as much as papers with special things we would do for mom when she “redeemed” one of her offers.  If you are interested in this fun, unique option, definitely head over to Beauty & Bedlham and check out the great booklet she created (that you can download for free).

Breakfast in Bed:  For me, waking up on Sunday morning to the smell of bacon and coffee is simply heavenly.  Why not do the same for your mom this year?  Even if you have early church services, greeting her with a warm cup of coffee and a hug is bound to bring a smile to her face.

Personalized Cards:  Skip Hallmark .  Why not get out some construction paper, scissors, glue and markers and see what you and your children can create yourselves?  I save the cards my kids make because it is a part of them.  It reflects their abilities at their age and the fact that they took the time to make it shows how much they care.all together

Skip Brunch Out:  Instead, why not pack a picnic lunch and head out to mom’s favorite park or outdoor location for lunch as a family?  It is never about what you eat, but rather the company you keep.  Let the kids even help plan the meal.  I’m sure mom will be fine with a PB&J or cheese sandwich – as long as she gets to be with her family.

Handprint Prints:  That may look like a typo – but it isn’t.  Grab some construction paper and paint.  Have each of the kids dip their hands into the paint and leave their mark on the paper.  Add a special saying, your child’s name and age and you’ll have a unique gift to make any mom smile.

A Phone Call:  If the miles separate you, just take a few minutes and make a phone call.  Hearing your voice may be all the present that mom or grandma need this Mother’s Day. 

These are things I have done growing up or that my family has done for me.  No matter what you decide to do, just be sure to thank your mom on Sunday.  That is all that we really want after all!