Nabi 2 Tablet with Bonus Kinabi Alphabet Pack for $179.99

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Deals on some items are difficult to find.  One of them is the Nabi 2 7″ Kids Tablet.   You can order the Nabi 2 WiFi 7″ Touchscreen Kids Tablet with Bonus Kinabi Alphabet Pack for $179.99.  The tablet itself sells for $199.99 at nearly all other stores.

If you are not sure if this is a deal to grab right now, we did see it for $129.99 on Black Friday, but I doubt we see that price again.  I have also seen it as low as $169.99 since then.  However, there is no way to predict if a product will drop further in price.  Sometimes, it is worth that extra $10 or $15 to ensure that you get that item you really want to buy.  Then, just work harder to save on the rest of your holiday shopping.