Nielsen Home Scan Still Accepting Applications

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Neilsen Homescan is still accepting applicants.   You sign up and if you are selected, you are sent a scanner and you simply scan everything you buy.  You then upload it to their site.   In turn, you earn points that you can redeeem for free items such as gift cards and other rewards.  I love this one because you make money just for doing what you normally do – shop!   You can get signed up here.


  1. Amy G says

    Does anybody know if this works easily with the Commissary now? I did this about 10 years ago or so, and it seems like we had to input something (maybe price?) for every item when we shopped on base. It’s sorta fuzzy now, but it seems like my sister had one that was much simpler than mine, but I really don’t remember why.

  2. Nancy says

    @Amy G – I don’t know about the Commissary but when I scan at stores like Hen House and Price Chopper I can just scan and only have to put the prices in on deli and bakery items. Some stores like CVS and Walgreens I have to scan and put in the price. I think I have to put the price in at Wal-Mart too. Kind of a pain. Its much easier/faster if you don’t have to put in the prices.