1. heidi says

    Walgreen’s May coupon booklet has a $3 coupon off of Renu. I bought several the other day, combining both the manufacturer’s and walgreen’s coupon– and thought I was doing great. However, when I visited my Walgreens yesterday, I noticed that they had a new bottle of Renu that basically contained a bonus bottle (for free)! That’s right, a 2-pack for the price of 1! I couldn’t believe it! Plus, it came with a free bottle of eye drop solution! Luckily, I had my coupon stash with me, so I ended up with 4 bottles of Renu + 2 bottles of free eye drops. I paid $9.49 for both packages; but, I used 2- $2 off manufacturer coupons + 2- $3 off walgreen’s coupons. It ended up costing me about $9 for 4 bottles of Renu + 2 eye drop solutions!!! (total price was less than the price of a single, regular priced bottle of Renu). Hurry! Walgreen’s May coupons expire soon! (BTW, even if your walgreens doesn’t have the bonus bottle packs available, paying ~$4 for a bottle of $9.49 Renu is still a great deal)!!

    Btw, I was able to take advantage of a similar offer with the BC pain relief medication as well. During that same visit, I also noticed that Walgreens had just newly stocked packages of BC pain relief that contained bonus quantities– all for the same price as the regular bottles, which contain 50 doses. BTW, these bottles were sitting right next to the regular bottles- (same scenario as the Renu). Anyway, I ended up with 2 bonus filled packages of BC pain relief @ $6.29/each. BUT, I used (2)- $3 off Walgreen coupons + (2) $2 off manufacturer coupons. So basically, ~$1.29 per bottle!!