New Layout: How to Navigate (Including Changing the Zip Code)

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I am sure most of you have already noticed that has released another site redesign.  The idea behind this was to try to make it simpler for readers to navigate, clip what they need so that they can save.  I wanted to just go over the new features and explain how to use them.


Clipping coupons to print is very simple.  You go through the list of coupons and find the one you want and hover over top of it.  You will see this image come up over top of the coupon you want:

Just click when you see that and your coupon will be added to the list to print and you will see the number of coupons and savings added to the print bar towards the top of the screen:


When you are ready to print, press the red Print Coupons bar (arrow pointing to it in this image directly above).

Once you are through printing, just click on Coupons on the top of the page to return to the main screen to view more coupons once again:


Many times, the coupons you want might be hidden under a zip code other than your own.  Here is how you can easily change the zip code to another one (and then change it back to your own after you are through printing).

Sign into your account (you can connect via Facebook if that is easier).

Once signed in, click on your account at the top of the page and there will be a drop down menu.  Under there you will see Account Setting – select that:


Change the State and Zip code to that you want to use.  For instance, if you want to use 90210, you need to change it to CA and 90210.  Otherwise, enter your own state and zip code.


Then, go back to Coupons from the main menu and you will see the new list for that zip code.  You can change it back to your own after printing, by following these same steps.


When you want to just search for a select category of coupons be that Foods, Baby items, Pet Care, etc, you can easy do this by selecting the category you want.  When you first get to the page, the most popular categories are listed, but you can just click the MORE link and the entire list will come up for you:

You can then click on the category you want to view:

Hopefully these steps will help you easily navigate the new website, so you can print and save!!