New Database & Print Features

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I’m excited to share with all of you the new database that we have available on the site.  If you have never used a database before, I’ll share you the quick and easy steps to find out if there is a coupon for print.  You will also find coupons in the newspaper, magazines…just about any source available.  Here’s how to use the new database:

  1. Go to the Coupon Database (access via the main menu or side bar).
  2. Type in the product name that you are seraching for — by matching ALL word or by matching ANY words.
  3. It will come up and list all of the coupons available for the item you need.
  4. You can click the link to any printable coupon under the SOURCE and you’ll immediately be taken to that printable coupon so that you can print it and save.

One other updated feature is the print shopping list.  We’ve had this for a while now, but it has been enhanced for you.  At the bottom of the screen, you should see a MY LIST icon.  Whenever you see a matchup (dated August 28th and later) and click any item’s box, it will populate into here for you.  This will allow you to see all of the items you will print — and allow for updates before you print.

One other great thing you can do is quickly select every item on the matchup list by clicking SELECT ALL towards the bottom of the post.  Of course, if you want to clear your print checklist, you can even click DESELECT ALL and remove all items from the list.

You will also notice a slight difference in the format.  Within the matchups, I will start listing out TOP DEALS and placing those at the top of the matchup (rather than highlighting them in green).  The other divders will include the various categories, short sales, gift card offers, etc.  The deals won’t change at all — just a very slight modification to how they look.


    • Tracie says

      No, it is back. It just had to be added back into the page after it was all set back up. You’ll find it there now! 🙂