New Feature: Coupon Database

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I am so excited to share a newly REVISED feature here at Penny Pinchin’ Mom!  I previously had a very small database for coupons that allowed readers to search for coupons that were in your weekly inserts and All You Magazine.  I will be honest that maintaining such a small database expended a lot of my personal time.  While I have employed someone to maintain that for me, I still think that I can provide something better for you, my readers.

I am so excited to share that I know have a comprehensive Coupon Databaseon the site!  You can find a link in both the main navigation menu at the top of the page and the colored site menus in the sidebar.  What is great about this database is that you can search for one product and easily find all of the resources available (inserts, printables, magazines, etc) in ONE place!  So, if you search for Cheerios cereal, you will find all of the options available for print as well as which inserts might have had this coupon as well.

I know that many of you really liked being able to download the other database and review it.  If you wish, you can actually get a list of the coupons from various inserts:

Click on Coupon Source and choose INSERTS
Under Source Date, select the date of the insert (you’ll want the Sunday date)
Leave value and expiration defaulted
Click Search

The database will be populated with all of the coupons within that insert.  Select it all, copy and paste it into an Excel or Word document and you’ll have a comprehensive inserts listing right at your fingertips!

One thing to keep in mind is that you will probably see coupons that you didn’t necessarily receive in your insert.  However, if you click the Buy Coupons link (inside of the database), it will take you to a post about The Coupon Clippers.  This explains how you can actually PURCHASE a great coupon that might might your deal work even better.

One other great feature is that if you have a coupon that you don’t see in the list, you can hit Suggest and actually submit it right to the administrators of the database and they can add it for everyone!  It is truly interactive!!!

I realize that change can be hard, but in the long run, you will agree that this is great for all of us – you get more coupon information at your fingertips and I can focus on other areas of the site and not have to maintain a database.

Thanks and please  provide me any feedback you might have so that both this site and the database can continue to be improved upon.


  1. Amy says

    This is fantastic! I’ve been needing something like this when I need to shop for things outside of the weekly deals.
    Thanks so much.