New Feature: Penny Pinchin’ Pros

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A while back, I asked a question on our Facebook page “What would you love to see on Penny Pinchin’ Mom in 2011?”  I received a lot of really good ideas for some money saving articles — Thank You!  One person even mentioned something about a “We Paid Cash” series or something along that line.  Did you know we have that on Penny Pinchin’ Mom? 

I have read so many amazing emails and comments about amazing shopping adventures, money saving ideas and even how you paid little to nothing for major purchases for your home.  These stories always inspire me.  That got my wheels turning and I realized that if they were motivating me, why couldn’t they do the same for you?  Plus – who doesn’t love reading stories about people who can save money!?!?

If you have a great money saving story, you can submit it and have it featured on the site.  There are some basic requirements that you will need to follow:

  • Your submission should be in a format that is ready to publish (I won’t be able to re-write or expand on what you share)
  • Your article should be at least 200, but no more than 1000 words
  • If you have any photos, please include them
  • Your content must be original

You can share about a money saving gift idea, amazing shopping experience, financial goal you achieved or major purchase that you were able to make without affecting your budget — just about anything that involves what you’ve done to save.

Once you have your article ready, simply email it – along with your photos – to   As these start to come in, I’ll start to share them with all of you.   I am so excited to read, and even moreso to share, your money saving adventures and stories!