New Feature: Searchable Black Friday Database!

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I have been working hard to help keep you up to date with all of the Black Friday Deals as they are released.  Not only are we sharing links to the ad scans, but we also are providing you with store hours and even a searchable database for each store.  This way, you can search your favorite store to see if you can’t find that must have item.

Well, we’ve now taken this even one step further!  On our Black Friday Page, not only will you find links to each store details, we’ve just added a Black Friday searchable database.  This is a comprehensive list from all of the stores that we’ve updated.

What this will do is help you to search across several stores at once to find out where to shop – without having to check each individual ad.  This can help save you a lot of time if you know you are looking for something.

We will continue to update all of the information as it is released, so if you don’t see something for your store, it just means that it hasn’t been released yet.  However, as soon as it is, we will get it out to all of you as soon as we possibly can!

Head here to check out this new feature!