New Tinkerbell Release Deals (Starting September 21st)

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This Tuesday, September 21st, the newest Disney movie will be released – Tinkerbell & The Great Fairy Rescue.  Several retailers are offering some special deals/pricing.  Here are the deals you can find at some of these stores:


They will have a special offer where youwill save $10.00 instantly when you purchase both the Blu-ray combo pack or DVD PLUS a 9″ Fairy Doll.  The dolls retail for $19.99, so you will get these 1/2 price.  

Since the movie has not been released, the price is not yet availble.  Hoewever, they will more than likely be in line with other retailers and offer this for around $16.99 for the DVD and $22.99 for the combo set.   Be sure to also print out this coupon for $10.00 of the combo pack.    Here is how this total transaction can look

$19.99  9″ Tinkerbell Fairy Doll
  22.99   Blu-ray / DVD combo (est pricing)
-10.00  Instant Savings
-10.00  coupon
$22.98 for both — so like buying the movie and getting the doll for free


When you purchase the DVD or Blu-ray combo (in-store only), you will get a FREE Tinkerbell Watch in a Dome Case ($9.99 value).  The DVD will retail for $19.99 and the combo will be sold for $29.99.   This deal is not the best scenario, however, if this watch is something your little girl would love, then you might still want to go here.

$29.99 Tinkerbell Blu-ray combo
    9.99   Tinkerbell Watch
–  9.99   Free item promotion
-10.00 coupon for $10.00 of the combo pack
$19.99 for both items or $10.00 each


They have 3 different movie options available:  $16.99 DVD, $22.99 DVD / Blu-ray combo or $26.99 DVD / Blu-ray combo + 5 rings & hair clips.  You can use the coupon for $10.00 of the combo pack as follows:

$22.99 Blu-ray / DVD Combo
-10.00 coupon for $10.00 of the combo pack

$26.99 Blu-ray/ DVD combo + gift pack
-10.00 coupon for $10.00 of the combo pack


They will be offering 2 options — DVD for $16.96  and Blu-ray/DVD Combo for $21.96.  The coupon for $10.00 can only be used on the combo pack, so your final total will look like:

$21.96  Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack
-10.00 coupon for $10.00 of the combo pack

Did you find a great deal for this new movie release?  If so, please share it with us!


  1. Kimrenee says

    AWESOME COUPON! Thanks for sharing with us. I printed one for my family, and one to use as a Christmas gift. Whoot!

  2. Mary Anne says

    If you live in KC or Omaha, the Nebraska Furniture Mart will have it for $12.00 for this week only. That will be on the dvd only pack.

    🙂 Mary Anne

  3. Sevenchickadees says

    I always take the Nebraska Furniture Mart ad in to price match at Target.
    Here’s the scenario:

    Target price:
    ~ 4.99 NMF price match of $18.00
    -10.00 MQ

    Sweet. And sometimes, if you don’t watch carefully, the Target associate will price match the lower NFM price of $13 in this case. That would make it $3.

    • Tracie says

      Many stores will not match NFM as it is a limited time offer — but some will! That is the only reason I don’t mention them in my price matching deals as too many have been turned down by Target to price match them.

  4. Tracie says

    You mean at CVS an Extra Care Buck or at Walgreens a Register Reward? I’d love to know more about this as well so that I can pass it along to everyone! Please let me know which store – thanks!