New Verizon Device Was Like Christmas Morning (Even For Mom) + $0.25 Downloads!

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This past week, the doorbell rang and the FedEx man asked me for my autograph. I set the white box down on the end table and waited for my daughter to get home from school. She saw the box and was so excited to figure out what was inside of it…..but I told her she couldn’t open it until after we returned home from Karate (cuz I am a mean mom like that I suppose).

The minute we were home, she wanted to open the box before she sat down to eat dinner.  Being the fun mom that I am, I told her I had to video her opening it.  It took her a little time and she had to work at it, but she did finally get into the box to find out what was inside:

She was just about as excited as I was!  Inside was the new Motorola Razor phone!!  I really started wondering why she was so excited since the phone was not for her peronsally (we won’t let our kids have cell phones of their very own until they are much older).  I really think it was the idea that it was new and she knew I’d be ready to download new apps.  After we charged up the phone, Emma grabbed it and went to work.  She figured out how to turn it on, get into Google Play — without any help from good old mom of course.  In fact, Mom is hoping that she took some notes and can train ME on how to use it!

I did share with her that Google Play is offering $0.25 downloads on LOTS of great apps right now – and gave her a $5 limit for downloads (not sure what all we will find when I sit down and look through the apps – -but know that she is good about making sure they are good for kids)! This discount is only good through October 2nd, so make sure that you hurry over and get yours downloaded at a discount!

I am participating in the Verizon Midwest Savvy Savers program and have been provided with a wireless device and size months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.