Newly Updated Kansas City Area Inserts Database

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The one thing that is so difficult to do when it comes to finding coupons and matching up deals is to keep track of the coupons that you might have in your inserts – compared to those others may have received in different parts of the country.

Of course, we have a Coupon Database which is great help to so many (try it if you have not used it).  This lists all of the inserts in all of the regions around the country, as well as magazines, internet printables, mailers and more!  If the coupon is different from region to region, you might find an “R” next to the insert description – which can help you realize to check your own inserts to know what you may (or may not have) received.

When it comes to Kansas City, it seems that we oftentimes get inserts which do not include coupons or are different in value from many other parts of the country.  I know that makes it difficult for you to check a matchup or know which ones were in the Kansas City Star.  Luckily, we have a way to help!  We have the Kansas City Inserts Database!

We’ve had this for some time, but not in a format that I really liked all too well.  I’ve been working hard and doing research and found a way to (hopefully) make it more user friendly – to help you more quickly scan your own inserts before you shop!  Let’s get started on where to find this resource.


You can easily access the Kansas City Inserts Database right from the Coupon Database.  It is right at the top and if you click on this, you’ll go directly to the page.  You can also bookmark it in your favorites directly here.



It is very simple to navigate the Inserts Database.  Here are some simple things to keep in mind.

Select the number of rows you wish to see.  It defaults to 10, but if you want to scan through up to 100 rows of coupons at one time, you can do so by just by clicking the arrow and choosing, 10, 25, 50 or 100.

Sort the list.  One thing I love about this list is that you can sort by any of the column headings:  Description, Value, Expire or Insert.  The list is defaulted to sort alphabetically by description.  To change the order, simply click the arrow next to the column you wish to sort by.  For instance, if you want to see the coupons which expire this week, you can click the arrow by expire and it will sort automatically that way for you.

For example, if you sort by expiration date, it would look like this:


Search for a specific coupon. This is the one feature I truly love about this database.  When you start to type the item you want into the search box, the descriptions which do not match start to fall of the list.  For example, if I am searching for Lysol, here is how it would look:

Type the letter “L”:


Then type the letter “Y”:

Next, type the letter “S”:


You can see that all of the coupons that did not contain these 3 letters strung together fell off of the list and left only the Lysol coupons.

Flip through the coupons by page.  To move through the coupons page by page, just click the arrows at the bottom of the list.

Easily identify expiring coupons.  In order to let you know which coupons expire this week (Monday – Sunday), they are in red and bold.  The list is updated every Sunday night or Monday morning, so the expired coupons will not be removed until that date.


I hope that this helps you out at least somewhat when trying to figure out which coupons you might have in your binder or folders (at least for those of you who live right here in Kansas City).