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I received this email today and figure thought it was a good topic to share with everyone.

Last week & this week on the grocery deals, I’ve had problems with printable coupons saying I’ve already printed it the max # of times — some like the Bar-S hotdogs & Birds Eye vegs it’s probably true — we eat these all the time & I wish I could get in on the good coupon deals to buy more this week (we’ve eaten all the last ones I’ve bought!) But others, like Helmans Mayo, the Cheese Nips, I know I’ve never printed.

I did try emailing myself the link to these last two, but it still said the same thing when I tried to print — the message is “You have printed this coupon the number of times allowed.” The Wishbone salad dressing simply said “No prints available” or others say “print limit reached”, which I interpret to mean that the sum total or prints available by the company has been reached, not those given to individual consumers (which is what the Helmans, Cheese Nips, Bar-S & Birds Eye seem to imply)

Thanks for clarifying!

I’ll go through and clarify the error messages and what they mean and what you can do to get it to work.

“You Have Already Printed This Coupon The Maximum Number of Times” or “Print Limit Reached”

This is very common. Most coupons, especially “bricks”, will allow you to print only two copies. The two copies is per IP address and not per computer. So, if you have a laptop and desktop, you will still only have access to it twice. Occasionally, the brick will be reset and you can print it again — but not always.

Sadly, there are also times when I am provided with a link to a coupon that only has 1 or 2 prints through the link, but I am not aware of that. So, when I post it, you may get the error No Prints Available.

“No More Prints Available”

When a company releases a coupon, they only allow it to be printed so many times through the link. When the maximum has been reached, there really are not any more prints available and you will not be able to print it — even if you have never printed it in the past.

I know that one thing that frustrates many (including myself) is when you go to a website and click on a coupon link to learn that the coupon is no longer there. This has happened to me several times. I recently started to email the company. Many times, the manufacturer will actually mail you a coupon for their oversight. Not always – but it never hurts to mention it t them.

One final note – you may find that you can’t print a coupon sometimes and it isn’t for any of these reasons. Instead, it has to do with your browser. When that happens, all you have to do is make a few edits to the IP address and you should get it to work. Check out this post to find out what you can do to edit your address based upon your browser.

Happy Printing!

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