No More Rack: Wild & Wacky Weekend Tonight

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If you are a night owl, you might want to check out No More Rack’s Wild & Wacky Weekend sale.  It doesn’t start until 11 pm CST (which is 12 am EST on 11/20).  You can find some amazing deals on items from clothes to electronics during this sale.  Keep in mind that things go VERY quickly, so if you want to shop, make sure you head over and create your account right now to save yourself that step when you shop.

No More Rack is also offering Insanity Deals for the rest of this month.  You can find these by clicking the little black button on their site.  These are not emailed nor publicized and they sell only a few at a time.  So you just have to check back on their site frequently to see if they have up a deal – which is another great reason to go ahead and get your account set up right now.


  1. Isis says

    i wouldnt put too much stock in it. i have 2 separate programs on 2 diff computers that tell me when the insane deal occur. they refresh every second. as soon as they appear, they are sold out with 2 seconds, and I may be overexaggerating by 2 seconds. every single time. not a minute, but 2 seconds or less.