Office Depot: 20 Free Reams of Paper (After Mail in Rebate)

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UPDATE:  This paper is now out of stock on-line.  I figured it would go fast with this amazing price!

Here is an incredible deal on paper to print all of those coupons!   When you combine coupon codes, rebates and free shipping, you can get 2 cases of free (or pretty close to it) paper from Office Depot.  Be sure to follow these instructions carefully to get this offer!

1.   Log into or create an account at Ebates or Shop at Home.  This will earn you 2% cash back on your purchase.

2.  Search for Office Depot and start your shopping.

3.  When Office Depot comes up, you will see the Hammermill rebate offer in the main window. If you do not, click the “1” and you should see this offer.  Click SHOP NOW.

4.  Add 2 cases to your cart and then click VIEW CART.  

5.  On the sidebar, click the blue ADD A COUPON.  Add a coupon: 310096060 (this will save you $12.40 per case).  Click VIEW CART again and click ADD A COUPON.  Add in 43616859 (this is for $15/$75 purchase).  Your total (before tax) will be $64.98.

6.  Proceed to checkout.

7.  Submit the mail in rebate and get $64.80 back by mail in the form of a prepaid Visa Card — not that this offer is limited to 2 rebates per household – submit on one form.

8.  Within 2 – 3 business days, you will get 2% cash back in your account ($1.26) ….. and if this is your first purchase you will get a $5.00 first purchase bonus applied as well.  Your final total will look like this:

$104.78  2 Cases of Paper
–  24.80    1st coupon
–  15.00    2nd coupon
–  64.80    Mail in Rebate
–   5.00     First Purchase Ebates/Shop at Home Bonus
–   1.26      Ebates/Shop at Home Rebate
–  $6.08   which should cover (in most cases) the cost of your applied sales tax

In addition to this deal, if you are a Office Depot Worklife Rewards Member, you’ll also earn 10% cash back!

As usual – you can SKIP the rebate site and still get a great deal — just go directly to Office Depot and start on Step 4 above and you’ll still get an incredible deal!


  1. Eric in OP, KS says

    Thanks! As of 8:45 am CDT, they were in stock again and I got 2. I paid a total of $70.60 when they added the local sales tax in, and $3 a case for copy paper is dang hard to beat – lol!

    I’m adding these to my stash of 4 other free cases of different copy paper I’ve bought with similar deals in the past year – really helps the budget not paying for stuff 😉

  2. Laura says

    I just tried at 9:20 am and they’re out of stock again. I’m trying to decide if ordering them for “future delivery” will allow time to get them before the rebate offer ends? It’s such a great bargain!!

    • Tracie says

      I don’t know…it says PURCHASE date on the form. This offer is good through Friday. So it might be worth checking later to see if they get more in stock. I also wonder if we called if they’d know if it will be in stock or if rebates are offered on items that are on backorder.

  3. V says

    The rebate form says “Not combinable with any other offer” Do you know what an “offer” is – are the coupon codes “offers”?

    • Eric in OP, KS says

      Here’s a reassuring post from that link:

      SirMack (20 SirMack ) Oct. 12, 2010 at 6:08am

      I spoke to a Manager in vague terms and did not reference this deal.

      I asked about their rebates and to explain the wording in regards to “other offers” and was told that it means other rebates or “freebie” type promotions (buy product get FREE tote bag, etc).

      I asked about coupon codes and was told that coupon codes were not considered “other offers” as coupon codes are considered a sale or discount NOT an offer.

      In a nutshell I was told using a coupon code would not deny me a rebate unless the rebate specifically states that it is not valid with any other “offers OR DISCOUNTS” which would mean coupon codes would void it.

  4. Wendy says

    It’s working at noon EST…this is the first time I have done a deal like this….a bit nerve wracking…but hard to beat!

  5. Amy says

    I have the same question as V. Also, thanks for this awesome deal! They had it in stock for me. Zip was 77433.

  6. Amy says

    I called the # on the rebate form. They verified that the coupon codes will not void the rebate. “NOT COMBINABLE WITH ANY OTHER OFFER” refers to other rebates.

  7. Eric in OP, KS says

    According to the SD thread I posted, this deal is now dead. You can no longer stack the 2 coupons together.

  8. Cheri says

    The paper is back in stock now but the first coupon code states it expired on the 11th October and cant be used. Is anyone else having that issue?

  9. dan says

    I bought this deal when it was still in stock but the mail in rebate form disappeared before I could print it out. Anyone know if a copy of the form is shipped with the paper?

  10. says

    I have to say I will never ever order or purchase from this company I don’t care if they give me free stuff. I have now spent a total of 5 hours & talked to 5 people there trying to get a link or rebate form sent to me. I could not locate it anymore on their website but purchased the paper on the 11th. so I called they all gave me different answers . rebate depart said they could not send one to me if it is not on the site any longer. Then one lady refunded the rebate amount to me since I purchased it during the time-frame that it was available. Then I get a call today that the refund has been canceled and to talk to the rebate department again. The worst customer service that I have encountered to date.

  11. says

    Just talked to customer service again. It has now been bumped up to higher level management because a regular floor manager cant override to give me back the refund but now i the rebate form and will file it but something tells me that they will try to fight it. I would like to know whats going on with others & this deal. Keep up the post