Office Depot: 10 Reams of Paper for $9.99

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Here’s another great deal on copy paper — so you can keep on printing out all of those great coupons!  This week, Office Depot has 10 reams of paper for $19.99.  Find a small filler item (like a candy bar) and use this $10/$20 purchase coupon and you’ll end up paying only $9.99 for 10 reams – or $0.99 each!  Nice time to stock up and save.

Oh – and if you don’t need paper for yourself, – this is a nice time to pick some up for your school or church and then toss the receipt into your files for tax time!  It is always great to pay it forward with deals that are affordable – just like these!


  1. Nancy Harmon says

    Office DePot will not let you use the $10.00 on the promotion. They did let me use it Tuesday, but yesterday and today, they said that was a mistake and now the computers are rejecting the coupon.

  2. Renee Hodges says

    I tried to use it today and they would not honor the coupon on the paper because it was a promotion. But I bought it for $19.99 anyway.

  3. Renee Hodges says

    btw if you take the coupon to Office Max, they will let you use it there (but their paper was much more expensive)