Office Depot: Worklife Rewards and How They Work

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One way to find great deals at Office Depot is through Worklife Rewards.  This is a free program you can sign up for, where you earn credits toward future purchases.  Below you can find the details about this program:

1.  Must you be a registered memeber of Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards program required to take advantage of these bonus offers?

Yes. Office Depot’s rewards program is called Worklife Rewards. To join either fill out an application in-store or online at
2. What are Worklife rewards and what can use them to purchase?

Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards are basically Office Depot store credit. “Rewards Certificates may be redeemed on purchases of merchandise only, which excludes any type of prepaid gift, merchandise, debit, phone, service or other stored value card or device.”

Rewards certificates are unlimited use until funds exhausted.  There may be limits as to the number of rewards that can be redeemed within a single transaction – you will want to inquire at your store to know for sure.
4. Can you use Worklife bonus rewards to purchase an item which offers bonus rewards (i.e. can you “roll” rewards)?

No, you can not use a bonus reward to purchase another item which will generate a bonus reward.  The value is actually reduced if they are used.  For instance, if the Worklife bonus you could earn is $5 and you use a prior reward for $4, you will earn a new reward for only $1.

From the Office Depot Worklife Site:   “Purchases (or portions of purchases) made with Office Depot Rewards or Merchandise Cards/Certificates do not qualify for Rewards.”
5.  How do coupons affect the rewards payout?

Yes – when you use a coupon towards the purchase of any 100% back in Worklife rewards items, the value is reduced.  For example, if the Worklife reward is $5 and you use a coupon for $1, you will only receive $4 in Worklife rewards.   Her is what . Using coupons to pay for 100% back in rewards items will reduce the rewards payout. This includes the stated value of freebie coupons. While dollar off coupons are useful in reducing the initial outlay, the eventual rewards payout, and the amount of sales tax paid if applicable, freebie coupons will reduce the rewards payout at the inflated value given to the freebie items.

From the Office Depot Worklife Site:  “The price of an item eligible for Rewards is the price paid at checkout after the deduction of coupons, other discounts, the value of free items and the value any Office Depot Rewards and Merchandise Cards/Certificates applied to that purchase.”*
6.  How can you pay for your items and earn rewards? 

When you use cash, credit or gift cards, you will earn the full reward.  If you use rewards certificates and merchandise cards, you will not earn additional rewards or cards.
7.  Are there any limits?  

You are limited to 2 of each item per member per day.  An item is identified by it’s own SKU.


8.  Does it matter if I purchase the item on-line or in the store?  

It should work in both instances.


9.  When are rewards available?  

There are two types of rewards — standard and non-standard.

Non-Standard Items:  Any 100% back rewards will be noted on your account on the “Rewards Status” page under “Additional Promotions” near the middle of the month in the month following the transaction.

Standard Items For items that do qualify for standard rewards (see below), rewards are updated in stages.  The 10% standard rewards will be noted on your account within a few days following your purchase and can be seen on the Purchase History page.  The additional 90% bonus rewards will be in your account around the middle of the month following the transaction and can be found on the “Rewards Status” page under “Additional Promotions”.

— 10% standard rewards items: ink and toner; case, ream and photo paper; copy, print and other products/services in-store at Copy & Print Depot™ (excludes merchandise returns, thermal fax paper, paper rolls used in adding machines and cash registers and postage stamps). *
10.  How and when will the rewards from this offer be received?

Rewards are paid out via rewards certificates. The rewards certificates can be received either electronically or via US Mail.

Electronic Delivery: Rewards certificates should be available to download as a pdf file from your myworkliferewards accounts towards the end of the month after the end of the quarter.

US Mail:  The Rewards should arrive in the mail towards the end of the second month after the end of the quarter.

According to the program’s Terms and Conditions*, Rewards certificates should be issued:

You earn Rewards…………..Online Rewards issued…..Postal Rewards issued
January 1 – March 31……….April 15 – 30……………….May 15 – 31
April 1 – June 30……………..July 15 – 31………………..August 15 – 31
July 1 – September 30……..October 15 – 31……………November 15 – 30
October 1 – December 31….January 15 – 31……………February 15 – 28
11.  Do Rewards expire?

Yes. They expire the last day of the month following the month in which they are issued.