Office Max: Paper Money Maker This Week

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If you have an Office Max Perks Card, you can get a great deal on paper this week at Office Max. If you go through Shop at Home, you can end up making over $7.00! Here’s how you can do this.

1. Log in to your Shop at Home account to earn 4% cash back. Like usual, if this happens to be your FIRST purchase, you will even earn an $5.00 bonus! If you are already an Ebates member, you can earn 3% cash back through Office Max.

2. After you have logged in, search for Office Max and proceed to the store. The first screen that comes up should show the paper on sale. If it doesn’t, type in Boise X-9 Paper. When this comes up, you should see the price is $34.99 on line, down from $37.99. Put two of these in your cart (you can do just one, but you will pay $7.95 shipping and your net out of pocket will change).

3. When you get ready to check out, be sure to key in your Office Max Perks reward number on the shipping screen.

4. Depending up on how many you purchased, your net out of pocket could look like this:

Purchase 2 Reams
$69.98 2 Reams
– 2.80 4% cash back
– 5.00 $5.00 first time purchase
– 70.00 Max Perks Rewards (use on future purchase – like toner)
– $7.82

In this instance, you will MAKE $7.82.

Purchase 1 Ream
$34.99 1 Ream
– 1.40 4% cash back
– 5.00 $5.00 first time purchase
+ 7.95 Shipping
– 35.00 Max Perks Rewards (use towards future purchases)

In this case, your net out of pocket can be as little as $1.54.

If you don’t have a Max Perks card, you can get one if you have any type of business, including a blog, home sales, etc. You can also qualify if you are a home schooling parent! If you don’t have a business, you may or may not be able to get one — check with the stores.

One thing I wanted to note is that the insert in the newspaper shows this paper is a it’s regular price of $37.99, so if you purchase it on-line you will save $3.00 (in case you don’t have a store close by).

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