Teacher Appreciation Day Events This Weekend

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Where would we be without teachers?  Well, we’d all be walking around thinking that 2+3 = 17.  I know I appreciate what teachers do every single day — especially dealing with the ungrateful students (and parents) they are educating.  Several retailers agree and are offering some teacher appreciation events.   Remember that if you homeschool, you are a teacher too – so be sure to inquire in each of these locations as to what ID you will need to show to get in on these offers.

On August 15th, Office Max is having a Teacher Appreciation Day.  Teachers who are member of Max Perks Rewards (you can sign up in the store or here), will receive a reusable tote bag.  They will recieve 20% off of anything that they can fit inside of the tote (exclusions apply).   Find out if you have an Office Max location near you here.  (Thanks Miami Mommy Savings!)

Big Lots is having a Teacher Appreciation Day on August 14th.  Just show your valid school ID and you will save 10% off of your entire purchase.  Find a location here(Thanks Savings & Stewardship!)

If you stop by JoAnn Fabrics on August 14th or 15th, you can save 20% off of your purchase + get a free tote bag.  Just show your valid ID to get in on this offer.   You can sign up for the Teacher Rewards Discount Card and get special discounts and offers,  including a bonus 20% off coupn and special savings between now and September 15th.  Find a location here(Thanks Alaska Coupon Diva!)

Did I miss any events?  If so, please let me know so I can add them to this list!


  1. Eric in OP, KS says

    I think it would be even better to have a Parent Appreciation Day or Taxpayers Appreciation Day to celebrate those who pay the salaries of the schools and teachers through their hard-earned tax dollars. While I certainly respect teachers, I also respect all the hard-working people whose tax dollars fund education, and they deserve equal recognition as well.

    • Michele J says

      Eric –
      As a middle school teacher in Texas (btw… born and raised in Wichita, KS) I too think all hard working Americans should get a break.

      I also wish all parents would buy the necessary school supplies for their child. Unfortunately, they don’t and guess who pays… not the school… not the tax payers… me. All out of my own pocket.

      Ever seen a teacher’s room in an elementary classroom? Don’t you love all those cute decorations? 90% of those are bought by the teacher and not reimbursed by the district or parents.

      You know that supply closet big businesses have where the administrative assistant stocks with sticky notes, pencils, pens, and paperclips? I have one too. All bought and paid for out of my own pocket.

      So, we may all want a break, but I believe teachers deserve one. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I wish some things were different. Who doesn’t right?

      Stepping off my soapbox now.

      • Tammy says

        I would ditto Michele. I was buying for my teacher supply closet just a couple of days ago and overheard a parent say “I’m not buying that! That is ridiculous to be on a list of supplies.” I wanted to turn around and say, “then your daughter’s teacher will have to buy it so that your daughter can participate in the learning activity that is planned. Otherwise, your daughter will be ‘sitting on the bench’.” And the older your child is, the more the teacher of your child has to buy. Elementary teachers have 30-40 students, but middle school and high school teachers have upwards of 240 students. Yep, that $1 item that you refuse to buy cost you $1, but for every student whose parent didn’t buy it, then the cost is passed on to the teacher, not the school. I even know of principals who spend hundreds of dollars every year to help provide because they know they don’t have the school budget to do so.
        Oh, one more thing, teachers pay the same hard-earned taxes parents and non-parents pay. So the teacher pays part of his/her own salary.
        Stepping off my soapbox now.

        • Tracie says

          It makes me sad that people say this…..I don’t think parents understand that you have to pay for the supplies yourself.

    • Tracy says

      I actually clicked on this comment section to see if there were any more good deals for teachers out there so I could further stock up FOR THE STUDENTS who will be walking into my classroom…not for myself. Just sayin’…

    • Tracie says

      Eric – the point is that teachers often times have to pay for the supplies of all of their students —— plus their OWN children’s supplies. Yes, some families just honestly can’t afford it, but the point is that we need to thank these teachers. And we really do have appreciation days for everyone who funds education, they are called “sales.”

  2. Michele J says

    I forgot to add… I’m glad there are sites like Penny Pinchin Mom so that I can get the best deals for my money.

  3. Jennifer Mably says


    Staples is having their teacher appreciation day today, Saturday Aug. 14. Teachers usually receive a “special” gift such as a bag of goodies. They also are able to enter drawings. The best kept secret is, if you are a teacher and want to buy something on sale for your class, you are allowed to buy up to 25!. So, when you see those spiral notebooks or scissors on sale for a penny, you can stock up! If you miss it on Saturday morning, they usually have special gifts left over for the following few days. All you need to do is simply ask the customer service person.

    Thank you!
    Kindergarten Teacher

    • Michele J says

      Thanks Jennifer! Last year Staples would only double the limit. I’m going to ask them about the 25. I was at Office Depot the other day and told them that Staples double the limit and they wouldn’t budge. Office Max did!