Olay Rebate Issues: Did you Get a Rejection Notice

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There have been reports of people who submitted a rebate for $15.00 back on the purchase of 3 Body Wash Products.  Apparently, there was an error with the SKU#s for the Olay Total Effects Body Wash and Bar soaps – as they were not added to the list of the qualified products until later during the qualification period.  Since rebates are handled by a 3rd party service, they were not informed of the error until after rejections had already been sent to consumers.

If you happened to submit this rebate, you will more than likely get it returned to you, along with a denial letter (if you haven’t already).     Simply re-submit it and include a short note that says that you were informed that there was an error in the qualified items on the list and that your rebate is correct.   If that doesn’t work, you can call Olay at 800-285-5170 and they will take of this for you.

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  1. Lyndsey says

    I didnt get a rejection notice, but a $10 check instead! I was bummed, but after all, I did use coupons for the products, so I made out about even.