Otterbox Defender Case for iPad for $50.37 Shipepd (44% off of Retail)

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If you are purchasing (or have purchased) an iPad, I can not stress enough the importance of having a good case.  My 5 year old son dropped and shattered ours and so we had to replace it.  If I’d had a better case for it, I know that it would never have happened.    I’ve looked at many, but the one I went with (and pleased with) is an Otterbox Defender Series case.

Right now, you can order one from Amazon for $50.37 shipped — which is a savings of 44% off of the retail price.  This item is worth every penny even if you had to pay full price for it!  I highly recommend this one!!!

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  1. My I pad gets so hot without a case. Does this make it even hotter? Have you had any problems? Thanks!