Our “Renewed” Bathroom

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A few months back, I shared with all of you a great promotion at The Home Depot called Renew Your Bath.  At that time, my husband and I got some great deals on items for our own bathroom remodel project.  The only problem was that we just did not have the time to get the work done.  I am so thrilled that we finally were able to tackle this project and in less than 5 days, we went from our old bathroom to our new one.

The most important lesson I learned through this project was to plan and do thorough research.  When we ran into an issue on how to do something, we would stop and look it up on-line.  This saved us headaches, money and even a few arguements.  I enjoyed learning how to lay tile and grout a floor – something I had never done before. 

While the work was exhausting, I was surprised at what I knew how to do and what I could accomplish.  It was not really difficult work, just took a little elbow grease and a desire to want to do the work ourselves!   After all, it wasn’t just about remodeling our bathroom – it was about doing so and saving money.

I know many of you are just itching to see the photos!  Enjoy!!!

And 2 final shots:


  1. Katherine says

    Wow! It looks so nice! I love DIY makeovers. We are doing our kitchen ourselves right now. It takes three times as long but it is so rewarding to see the finished product and know that you did it yourself not to mention all th $$$ you save!! You guys did a great job! I love it!