Outback: Free Steak Dinner Offer at 9 pm EST Today (August 24th)

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So, there is this buzz around about Something Big from Outback Steakhouse.  Just text OUTBACK to 27438 at 9 pm EST (8 pm CST)  hours from now and you will hopefully be able to get yours.   (Update – it is confimed that it will be a free steak dinner – thanks Moms Need to Know).

Thanks, Coupon Geek!


  1. josh says

    it was a rip off. you had to be quick. east coast got the message b4 anyone else. and you had 2 days to use the coupon. a rip off Outback,you suck

    • Tracie says

      No they did not, they opened it at the same time for both EST and CST time. Think about thousands and thousands of people trying to get one of only a few items. Hopefully next time is better!

  2. chester smith says

    Must be a scam. These links don’t seem to work, just take you to more ads. Shame on you. Taking you off of my going to places.

    • Tracie says

      Really? A scam? Goodness!!! This was a legitimate offer that was available last night – if you read ANY sort of social media you will see that 1,000,000 received the offer. When companies make such an offer it is not MY fault if the site does not work.

      I am NOT Outback Steakhouse. I am NOT responsible for thier website or offers that do not work. If you have a problem with this offer contact them, but do not chastize and point your finger “shame on me” for posting it. I honestly don’t need people on my site who don’t appreciate the effort I put into saving you money — which you pay what for? Yes, my site is a FREE service to you. Leave. That is fine. But don’t blame me for Outback’s screwup.

  3. rachel b. says

    Another blog had like 26 people noted that just 5 minutes after 9p it was ‘sold out’ and they got error messages.
    ALSO NOTE! Once you text to this number, you are allowing them to sign you up for additional texts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kind of important info for those of us that have to pay for texting!!!!!)
    So for all those that texted and missed out, Outback is receiving a HUGE number of phone #’s that they now get to sell to other solicitors without having to give away steak dinners! Sounds pretty scam-ish to me.

  4. robin hadden says

    yes the page i went to said free steak starts tomorrow 8/25/2011
    can i still get the free steak. some are saying it was on 8/24 where can i get my free steak

  5. dee says

    I just went to their website this morning and got one! It said a voucher for a free steak dinner will be mailed in 4 weeks, so we’ll see if I actually get it.

  6. Rita says

    i would lov to try ur steak but instead give me $5.00 off 2 entree that suck i though i can get me free steak dinner but no giving me $5.00 off for 2 entrees that suck…no wonder we never eat there anymore cuz there service is suck anyway thanks for nothing….

    • Tracie says

      Rita, I am not Outback Steakhouse. If you have complaints, contact them and do not leave horrible comments such as this on my site.