Payless B1G1 Half-Price + Office Depot Coupon

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Right now, Payless has its B1G1 1/s price sale going on – which is a pretty good deal itself.   When you make your purchase, you can also get a coupon for $10/$30 purchase at Office Depot.   This week Office Depot has some GREAT deals where you can get items for FREE – after rebate.  Combine those deals with this coupon and you can actually MAKE money!

Thanks Barbara!


  1. Barbara says

    Well, it isn’t EXACTLY B1 G1 at Payless– it’s B1 get one half rpice. But still a good deal!

  2. Cathy D says

    I think the 1/s was a typo guys… she was trying to say it is “B1G1 1/2 price sale”