Payless: Hot Deal on Flip Flops (Possible $1.33 Money Maker)

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If you are in need of Women’s Flip Flops, read up about how to get a fantastic deal on some right now through Payless Shoes!

1.  Create an account or log into yours at Shop at Home.  Doing so will earn you 8% cash back … plus if it is your first purchase you’ll get a $5.00 first purchase bonus.

2.  Once you have done so, search for Payless Shoes and click the link.  That will take you to the Payless Site.

3.  Click on the image that comes up (the same as the one pictured above).  You will see flip flops priced as low as $5.99 a pair.  Select 2 and place them into your cart (note that if you purchase two with different prices, you will pay full price for the more expensive pair).

4.  When you checkout, use the code 27662 at checkout.  This will deduct $2.00 from your purchase.

5.  Select Ship to Store so you will not even pay for shipping.  Your total will be as low as $3.99 for two pair.

7.  You will receive $0.32 back into your Shop at Home account (8% cash back on $3.99).  Then, if this is your first purchase, you will also end up with an additional $5.00 in your account — which ends up being a MONEY MAKER of $1.33 for you!!!

Alternatively, if you wish to by-pass Shop at Home, you can.  Just go to directly to and still get 2 pair of shoes for only $3.99.  You can still use the same code 27662 at checkout and have them shipped to the store.

Either way you work it, this is still a GREAT deal!


  1. Jaclyn says

    Hmmm…..says their is no inventory on like all of the sandals. I did not try them all but I did try about half and even the not so cute ones. Too bad.

  2. Cathy D says

    I got a lot of “no inventory found” also. The ones that did come up were out of my size 🙁 Bummer! Super cute sandals. Guess I’ll have to get the $1 solid colors from Old Navy tomorrow.