Penny Pinchin’ Mom Databases Available: Grocery Stores & Coupons

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I find many questions that are posted on Facebook or sent to me through email are the same “Where can I find ABC grocery store matchups?” and “Have you seen any coupons for ABC product?”   Lucky for you we’ve got you covered!

The first database we’ll talk about is the Grocery Store Database.  When you open this page, you will find links to grocery stores all around the country.  Just click on the blogger below the store name and you’ll instantly go to his/her site and the current deals that are posted.  Some stores are regional, so if that is the case, I’ve tried to even include regional postings to help ensure the deals are accurate based upon where you shop. 

So, how can you find this mysterious database?  It is so simple!  Just look in the sidebar and find this image below.  Click the link and you’ll find the list right there!

Another database (and one of my favorite features on the site) is the Coupon Database.   When you open the database, you can type in the name of the product for which you want to find a coupon.  Hit search and if there are any available, they will come up.  This list includes those form inserts, magazines and even printables.  In fact, it is a direct link to the printable coupon that you can click and you will go right there!!   You can bookmark this page so you will always be able to quickly track down your coupons.

You can quickly access this database through the main menu.  Here’s a quick snapshot for you:

Hoopefully this can help you find what you are looking for on the site!