Pick up Gift Cards For Less than Face Value + $5 off of $75 Purchase Code

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Each week, we share some great restaurant and retail coupons, to help you save money on the the things you need.  Don’t forget that another great way to save is to pick up gift cards for less than face value!  Here are a few current deals:

Macy’s: up to 10% off
American Eagle: up to 17% off
Starbucks: up to 15% off
Victoria’s Secret: up to 14% off
Target: up to 5% off

Raise.com has several retail gift cards – all for less than what you’d pay in the store.  Right now, brand new customers who spend $75 or more can save another $5 with the code RAISE75AF.

Here is just one way to make this work:  If you plan on shopping at JCPenney, why not use the 20% off printable coupon PLUS get a gift card for up to 15% off below face value.   Just because it is a gift card, does not mean you have to give it away as a gift.  Get these for yourself and you can save big!

Pick up a JCPenney Gift with a value of $213 for $181.05
Save $5 off of your purchase with the code RAISE75AF
Use this coupon to save 20% off of your purchase 

Pick up $266 worth of items
Use the 20% off coupon to save $53.20
Pay $212.80 with the gift card

Your total out of pocket cost for $266 will be $176.05 — which means you will save 34%!
(This scenario does not include any applicable sales tax, so make sure you keep that in mind)

You can not only buy gift cards, but you can sell those you may not want as well.  It is a great way to have those unused cards put a little cash into your pocket!

Visit Raise.com and learn how to make your dollars stretch even further!