Planning Your Vacation? Check out Albuquerque (Request a Free Visitor’s Guide)

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It is about that time of the year again — family vacations!  Before you think about the usual spots, why not think about going somewhere different. Maybe somewhere that a lot of people don’t even consider.  Why not Albuquerque?

I was there a number of years ago and absolutely loved it.  The culture, the sites, the smells (so much good food there) — it was amazing.  In fact, Albuquerque was voted one of the top places to visit in 2013 — with good reason.

There is a lot to do in this unique city filled with art, tradition and culture.  You can spend time hiking or bicycling outside.  You an visit museum and and shops.  You can find even more to do in this amazing city by requesting your Free Albuquerque Visitors Guide.  You might just find the perfect family vacation destination!