Plant a Tree for Free

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Here’s an offer that I think is just so great!  This freebie is a GREEN freebie — literally.  When you LIKE Treecycler on Facebook, you can get a code to redeem for a free tree!    You will select a location for your tree to be planted (you won’t actually get one for yourself) — but it is such a great freebie that helps others (the best kind of freebie in my opinion).

We planted trees within a week or two after each of our children were born and have watched the trees grow along side our children.    It is so amazing to see them grow and get so big — oh — and the same with our kids! 😉


  1. jane says

    Maybe I missed something – this doesn’t actually get you a tree but allows you to specify a location to have a tree planted / donated.

    Did you mean that they actually mail you a tree ?

  2. Tracie says

    Jane – Not sure what happened, but it looks like the wrong version of the post published (it is now correct above). You actually get to advise where you want the tree planted and it is planted for you. Just a fun freebie that you actually get to give to someone else.