Possible New Double Coupon Policy at Sun Fresh

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Starting today, May 16th, some area Sun Fresh stores might be changing their coupon policy.  Some of them are now doubling coupons up to $0.49.  Since each of these stores have different owners, it means the policy may change only at some of them.  Therefore, make sure you ask at your local store before you shop and have any surprises at the checkout.

Thanks, Christina!


  1. d says

    The Sun Fresh in Westport posted signs a few weeks ago that they are now only doubling up to and including $0.49. It’s such a bummer because they used to double $0.50 coupons. That one little penny makes a big difference! (I haven’t actually tried a $0.50 coupon in a while, so I don’t know if the system has adjusted to the policy yet.)

  2. greg says

    I noticed the sign at Sun Fresh Westport a week ago as well. I’m totally bummed about their new policy. But at least they still double some coupons unlike Price Chopper.

  3. bill foust says

    Lipari’s sunfresh at Holmes & 112th has flyers out stating they double coupons “up to and including $.50” on tuesday-sunday. Below that it states they double “up to and including $.99” on monday and tuesday. These are on green paper and were at the checkout lanes.

    “good thru sunday, june 26th, 2011”

    There can be some great deals on everyday items, so I hope to hear back from other folks out there on what they find.