Possible PayPal Card for $4.95 + Load $150 = $50 in ECB!

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There is a new deal available at CVS, which is NOT in your local ad (so don’t try to find it).  There is a regional offer that some people have been able to find, where you can purchase a PayPal card for $4.95, load $150 on it and get $50 back in ECB!

This deal is very possible regional, so it is recommended that you log into your account at CVS.  I found this on mine when I scrolled down to the bottom of the HOUESHOLD list.  If you see it there, you can run it where you live!

It is very important that you use the card as soon as you can, as they will charge you a fee of $4.95 per month, which will start within 36 hours of purchase.  This would be a great one to do today, especially if you plan on shopping in the next couple of days.  Since it is a Mastercard, you can use it anywhere, so you could pick up your groceries, shop online for gifts – use it just about anywhere!    If you know you’ll spend at least $150, then it is a way to earn a quick $45 (your $50 ECB less the original cost of $4.95)!

Let me recap exactly what you need to do for this deal to work the right way:

  1. Head to CVS.
  2. Find the Paypal cards for $4.95
  3. Purchase and load with $150
  4. Earn $50 in ECB
  5. Use your card anywhere, within 36 hours, to avoid the monthly charge

I recommend you get out this morning first thing and buy yours as when word gets out, these are likely to sell out!!!

Thanks My Litter!