Post Raisin Bran: $8.42 for 2 – 47 oz Boxes

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Here is an incredible deal on Post Raisin Bran.  You can pick up 2 – 47 oz boxes of cereal for a total of $8.42 shipped through Amazon.  That equates to paying only $0.09 per ounce — or like paying $1.08 for a 12 ounce box of cereal. 

To get the offer, you will need to select the Subscribe & Save option, which will drop the reduced price of $9.91 to just $8.42.  You can easily cancel the auto shipments after your order is sent – so you won’t have any just arrive on your door step.

This would be a GREAT item to donate to a shelter or your local food pantry, even if it is something you don’t personally need.

Thanks, Jenny!