Power Wallet: Great Resource To Manage Your Money And Get Rewarded!

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The one thing I am passionate about is making the most of your money.  That includes eliminating debt, saving and using cash for the things you need.  A few months ago, I learned about Power Wallet.  This is a great FREE resource which helps you do do the things I teach – manage your money!

You simply create your free account and then add your accounts. As you work to achieve your goals, you will receive offers from various partners — based upon your transactions.  For example*, if you frequent the movies, you might start to see offers for movie tickets being shared with you.  You might also see offers for your favorite restaurants – based upon where you are spending your money.  The deals and offers truly work to help YOU make the most of your money.

Of course, it is not only about the offers (but that is a nice perk), it is more about taking control of your finances to achieve your goals.  Perhaps in 2013 you want to go on a trip or you wish to try to pay down your mortgage.  Whatever your objective, Power Wallet will help you stay the course while you manage your money.    This site allows you such an easy way to keep on top of your financial picture — in one easy place!

Head over to Power Wallet and check them out — and get signed up!



*This truly an example and not an offer that one should expect to receive.