Pre-Order Toy Story 3

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I will admit that I LOVED Toy Story 3 — but got very choked up at the end of the movie.  (I won’t say why in case you have not yet seen it yet).  My kids also really loved it too and they both keep asking me “Mom, when can we get Toy Story 3?”  I am excited to be able to say to them – on November 2nd!

Yep!  It is official that Toy Story 3 will be out on DVD and Blu-ray starting in November.  There is a good chance that Disney will put out a coupon for $5.00 or $10.00 off of your purchase (like they have done in the past).  However, if you’d rather just pre-order it, you can do so now through a few vendors.

Amazon:  Preorder the DVD for $16.99, the Blu-ray (2 disc set) for $24.99 or the Blu-ray (4 disc set) for $28.99.  All sets ship fro free with super saver shipping (must spend $25.00).  In addition, if you purchase either Blu-ray set, you will get a $4.00 video on demand credit from Amazon.

Walmart:  Get the DVD for $16.96, Blu-ray (2 disc set) for $24.96 or  Blu-ray (4 disc set) for $28.96.  Select site to store shipping and it will even ship for free! (Thanks Frugal Reality!)


  1. Courtney says

    You can pre-order it at Toys R Us and get $10 off a blu-ray when you purchase during the same transaction 🙂