Preorder Brave on Blu-ray or DVD and Save $8 With Purchase of Additional Movies

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On November 13, 2012, Disney will release Brave on Blu-ray and DVD.  If you place a pre-order right now on Amazon, you can find some great deals.  Don’t worry, if the price drops between the time you order and the day it is released, Amazon will refund the difference back to you!

Of course, the title says that if you order this movie, you can save $8.  You sure can when you purchase Brave 3 Disc or 5 Disc Set along with another Disney Title from a select list — found here.    Here are a couple of deal ideas:

Brave 3 Disc Set – $27.95
Cars 2 Disc Set – $19.99
Final Price:  $39.94 for BOTH movies (like getting Cars 2 FREE)

Brave 3 Disc Set – $27.95
Tangled 2 Disc Set  – $25.95
Final Price: $45.90 for both movies (like paying $22.95 each)

What a great way to ensure you get some good movies purchased for someone for the holidays!  And as a bonus – you can mark that item off of your BUY list!!!