Price Comparison Apps – Compare Competitor’s Pricing In the Store

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price apps

There was a recent question asked on our Facebook page:  What are some money saving apps you can use to compare prices when shopping?  I asked for some feedback from readers regarding the apps that they used and received a lot of requests asking for him here as well.  I’ve used a few myself, so I thought I’d share what I’ve used so you can try them yourself 26when shopping!


1.  Red Laser.  This app will scan the barcode of the product in the store and quickly compare circulars and even online prices and return that information to you so you can make sure you are paying the lowest price possible.    This is available for free download for AppleAndroid and Windows phones.


2. Quick-Scan.   Scan the barcode of the product in the store and it will browse thousands of retailers and share the prices both in the closest stores as well as online.  This app is currently only available for Apple products.

price grabber

3.  Price Grabber.  This one works the same as the other apps, but the focus here is more with on-line pricing rather than the brick and mortar stores.   Download for your Apple or Android device.

shop savvy

4. Shop Savvy.  This is another one you can use to scan your products and find other prices both in the stores or online.  You can find this one for Apple, Android and Windows devices.


5. Weekly Ads & Sales.  This app is perfect when you want to price match at your local store (as available).  You will be able to pull up the weekly ads for more than 100 retailers and have this week’s prices at your fingertips.  Find this app on the Apple platform.  You can find a similar one called Weekly Sales Deals & Coupons for Android users.

Which apps have you used before?  We’d love to share your feedback with others!

*The one thing to keep in mind with any of these apps is that not all pricing is available in all markets.  So, it may not work in your city if those prices are not readily available.