Product Review Griffin Technology Woogie

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Griffing Technology is a leader in accessories to make the most out of your smart phone.  They recently released a new product called — the WOOGIE.  So, my package arrived and I pulled it out of the box and honestly though “hmmmmmm.”  Then, I held it – this is so soft and cuddly – almost like a stuffed animal.  I also was really impressed with the color — very modern, but yet appeals to children.  In fact, my oldest daughter snatched it from my hand and wanted to play with it immediately!

So, we hooked up the iPhone and tried it out.  We slid the phone into the slot, plugged it in and shut the velcro tabs.  I love that she could still access the phone — without getting all those little smudges all over it.  I also loved that not once, did I have to wonder “where’s the phone”……you can’t miss the large green shape lying on your sofa.   We downloaded some games and she could play just as if she was holding the phone without the case.  It worked really well! 

I really love that Griffin Technology realizes that our children are as plugged in as we are.  They too want to do what mom and dad do, play with our gadgets and enjoy them as well.  This product retails for $19.99, so it is very affordable and a fun, unique idea for someone this holiday season.  I would definitely purchase it for my kids!  Head here to read more and purchase one for yourself!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom received a Woogie for review.  However, all opinions contained within this post were her own and were not in any way influenced by any party.  Please also review the Griffin Technology review policy.


  1. Kathie M says

    Enter PIRILLO1510 at checkout to save 15%! It also had free UPS Limited shipping so only $16.99 shipped!