Product Review & Rebate Offer: Kids ‘n Pets Cleaner

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 A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Kids ‘n Pets.  They wanted to know if I would be interested in trying out their product and completing a review.  I immediately thought “I have Kids.  I have Pets.  What have I got to lose?” and said sure thing!

So, I received a full size bottle in the mail.  I set it on the counter late one Friday afternoon — did not even open the box.  Then, on Saturday morning, I removed it and started to read.  I no sooner set it down when I hear “OOPSIE” come from the play room.  Sure enough, my 5 year old had spilled an entire bowl of food on the floor.  And of course, it was full of ketchup. 

I immediately picked up the excess and started to clean it as I normally would, when I remembered that I had this new product to try.  I picked up the bottle and read the instructions.  I went to put a little on the floor and it came out a little faster and in a greater amount than what I needed.  However, I felt I had to give it the college try. 

I let it soak for 5 minutes (per the instructions).  I went out and started to wipe it up.  With the extra product, it did foam a little more than I would have liked – but the more important question is — did it work?  I had to wait for it to dry, but initially, I saw no more ketchup.  Sure enough, a little while later I went back and the stain was completely gone.

You can actually try this yourself right now for free.  Just head on over to their Facebook page and become a fan.  Then, click on the FREE KIDS tab and follow the instructions. 

Botttom line — I liked how the product performed – I just wasn’t in love with how much product came out when I used it.  However, now that I know that, it will make it easier to use the next time around.  So, will I use it again – you bet!

(Penny Pinchin’ Mom was provided one bottle of product to test and complete this review.  The opinions contained are completely her own and were not influenced in any way by Kids ‘n Pets.  There was no other renumeration in exchange for this review).



    This stuff is amazing….we have used it with both kids and pet accidents and it has not failed us yet!

  2. Natalie says

    I’m excited to try this! Between the kids and the dogs, I’m constantly needing a good spot remover. We LOVE Spot Shot but if something can work even better, I’d willing to make the switch! Thanks for the rebate link.