Purchase Select Kellogg’s Products at Walmart or Sam’s Club and Get a FREE Book!

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Last night, I stopped by my Sam’s Club to pick up snacks for my daughter’s kindergarten class.  On our approved list was Cheez-Its.  On the box, I found a special promotion which said that I could get a FREE Scholastic book.  Of course, rather than keeping this for me, I just gave the code to her teacher as well, so she could get a book for her classroom.

When you purchase specially marked Kellogg’s products at Walmart Stores (which includes Sam’s Club), you will receive a code which you can redeem for a FREE book!!   If you purchase select single boxes, it will take 3 codes in order to earn a book. However, if you purchase larger boxes (ie. the 36 count box of Cheez-Its mentioned above), your code will be valid for a free book!

  1. Purchase select items and collect the codes.
  2. Enter the codes as www.FreeBookOffer.com.
  3. Choose or Donate a book!

It’s that simple!  This is a great way to get a free book for your child’s classroom or even your homeschool class!  Visit Walmart.com to learn more!!

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  1. I bought some Pop-tarts at Target a few weeks ago and mine came with free books too.